WOW PRODUCTS showcase the revolutionary technology that can absorb over 77 times its weight in hydrocarbons like oil, fuels, hydraulic fluids & much much more.

“Creating the tools necessary
to build a cleaner future.”

Our Product

WOW products are created with the revolutionary technology which acts as an adsorbent in different environments. It is an open cell polymer resin with a high surface area and has commercially useful physical properties. Its strong hydrophobic nature also makes this material special as it absorbs many times its weight in hydrocarbons, outperforming other agents used in clean up. It is non toxic and biodegradable.


ActivatedWhite™ uses powerful VanderWaals attraction within a matrix of extremely high surface area to contain a wide variety of materials within its polymer cells, which makes it a game changing innovation in its field. Similar to Granulated Activated Charcoal (GAC) on a nano scale and polypropelene on a macro scale, ActivatedWhite™ captures a vast array of contaminates. It is a platform technology with strong IP and non-obvious trade secrets.


ActivatedWhite’s™ powder creates a new standard for water and air filtering solutions. The technology can eliminate the smallest of particles in a cost effective way. This innovation can drive a paradigm shift by creating applications that allow for healthier environments and thereby increase corporate profit.


Absorbs oil, gas, diesel, and other hydrocarbons from tools, equipment, floors, hands, gloves and other surfaces.


This raw version of our polymer is ideal to remove oil from hands, tools and floors.


Our unique rolls offer the benefit of our pads in a unique form factor. The rolls offer superior absorbency in a small package.


ActivatedWhite™ Wet Oil Booms are super oil absorbent booms unlike any other boom available.

As a part of Activated Whites commitment to global green initiatives, we will be donating Wet Oil Wonder to NGO’s to clean oil from our wildlife during oil spills.