“Creating the tools necessary to build a
cleaner future.”


We love to get dirty!  Cleaning up messes is what we do at ActivatedWhite™.  We regularly pour oil on people’s hands, shiny floors and nice boardroom tables to demonstrate just how well the product works.  We hear the word “WOW” a lot.  Call us for a demo!

Activated White Ltd. was established in 2015 with the goal of creating unique, polymer resin products capable of absorbing a variety of contaminants, such as oil and gas.  Activated White polymer resin has hydrophobic properties which make it truly unique— properties which have now been incorporated into the WOW product brand.  Dennis Reich, CEO and co-owner of Activated White explains:  “The polymer resin will suck oil out of water, soil, and surfaces, containing it in its structure.”

With a focus on mining health and safety, Activated White and WOW are devoted to single-handedly revolutionizing the mining industry— one small spill at a time.


Dr. Dennis Reich
CEO, Co-founder BSc. M.D.

Dr. Reich has over 20 years of business experience Founded, owned and sold many companies. He co-founded ActivatedWhite Ltd. With Jake Menard. He still manages to practice medicine.

Andre Legault
Business Developer

 Over 12 years in the mining industry with expertise in procurement, logistics. He graduated from Laurentian University with a Bachelor of Commerce, specialized in International Management

Steve Fava

 Over 20 years of experience in the banking sector and managing large staff in international areas. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from Laurentian University.

Perry Mulligan

30 years of corporate experience, has led both the financing and operational execution of some of North America’s most famous technology companies.