Here’s how our Mobile Water Treatment Trailer works

Mobile Water Treatment Unit

ActivatedWhite has designed and built a mobile water treatment trailer capable of treating water contaminated with hydrocarbons. Whether it’s oil, gas or diesel, our ActivatedWhite-powered trailers can efficiently respond to spills, no matter the location.

Product Facts:

  • Environmental Compliance Approval approved portable filtration trailer
  • ECA approval to operate up to thirty of these water treatment trailers
  • Capable of processing 1,368 gallons per hour
  • Can filter contaminated water in many cases to less than 2ppm
  • Especially effective on Emulsified water
  • Captures sulfur in the contaminated water
  • Product functions in sub-zero temperatures
  • Filters are biodegradable
  • Part of a suite of solutions to solve the most difficult contaminations
  • Captures VOC’s

Potential use cases include
but are not limited to:

  • Mine site or Industrially contaminated water sites
  • Military compounds contaminated with hydrocarbons
  • First Nations lands with contaminated water
  • Coastline spill remediation
  • Tailings ponds
  • Oil sands projects
  • Arctic applications (product can work in sub-zero temperatures)
  • Coast Guard and naval ballast filtration
  • The unit can be put on a pontoon or barge and used to clean open water

Mobile Water Treatment Trailer

We have received an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA) to operate up to thirty of these water treatment trailers anywhere in Ontario. This Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change approval allows our trailers to process up to 1,368 litres per hour.

We are formally approved to treat water contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbon, volatile organic compounds, select polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, metals, and total suspended solids. After going through our process, the water can simply be re-introduced to the environment, without further purifying.

The contaminated water flows through specialized pillows of ActivatedWhite which will absorb hydrocarbons for approximately eight hours. The used pillows are then replaced with fresh material in a matter of minutes. The whole operation is simple, yet highly effective.

Our trailers are also equipped with a special instrument which displays instant results on the amount of oil remaining in the treated water. This provides the operator with real-time feedback on the health of the process. Should any issue arise, the process can be stopped and fixed to ensure quality results.

ActivatedWhite also offers a full suite of complimentary solutions to solve even the most difficult hydrocarbon contamination. These include unique oil-absorbing booms called Wet Oil Booms and feltpads embedded with our polymer called Wet Oil Wipes. With these solutions, we can clean up any oil spill, anywhere.